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Dr. Virginia LeBlanc

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We serve humanity through heart-centered values and solutions from a pedestal of love, helping people discover their leadership potential, pivot, and connect the dots to take next steps on their personal, professional, and entrepreneurial journey.

The DP mission is to heal, rebuild, and transform lives and businesses online from the inside out by providing simple solutions and thinking without a box for bottom line success and sustainable wins.

DP is not only a company but a Movement committed to taking a stand for your future and putting YOU back in business. 

This Membership is a part of that movement, a safe-haven for those seeking hope, inspiration, and know-how. Consider the DP Community YOUR training ground, your university (DPU) to set you up for holistic success!

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At DP we want to provide everyone with the opportunity to learn as they earn in business online.

We want to help educate the world, as it is our mission to help those venturing in online business and education, to be aware of their current actions, become more knowledgeable and not be scammed by false information online, we are a safe haven for those who want to learn, improve their skills and to make a difference.

Our mission is way bigger than ourselves which is why it’s vital that we spread our message to the world and give back to those who believe in our cause.

By joining the DP community, you can help lead those in your community, whilst earning commission and improving your knowledge in life and business.

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Dr. Virginia LeBlanc

"I am on a mission to help people heal, rebuild and transform their life, whilst helping them build profitable heart-centered businesses."

Dr. Virginia LeBlanc, also known as DocV, is THE PIVOT MAESTRO and Next Steps coach in life, leadership and business who serves women and veterans.

She is also the owner of Defining Paths and Author of Love The Skin You’re In. DocV serves as an intercessor, a bridge for veterans helping to heal, empower and pivot her clients into a passionate, driven-reality, producing life-changing results and world-changers.

With over 25 years, her experience spans as a Certified Global leader, International Speaker, Entrepreneur, Business Coach and Author.

DocV has served such entities as the Pentagon, Department of the Navy, Booz Allen Hamilton, Indiana university, the National Pan-Hellenic Council, Inc.

DocV's passion is to help people build profitable businesses and change their lives for the better.

Her words and wisdom are guaranteed to enlighten and touch your heart, as she translates her life experiences and helped many people achieve the life-affirming clarity she has gained.

Her sincerest hope is that you will feel her desire to heal and empower you, both personally and professionally.

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