Our Mission is to provide a destination environment for women leaders to escape, take off their gloves, and EXHALE with other corner women to heal, power up, and pivot for their breakthroughs to continue the fight. 

The EXHALE retreat is a respite and necessary experience for the EXponential Healing and Awareness to Live an Exceptional life for women leaders. 

It is an opportunity where corner women can take off their gloves; retreat; breathe, rest, and recharge holistically (mind-body-soul), employing and connecting to the natural elements of salt, water, and fire to gear back up renewed and lead inspired! 

Facilitated By Three Amazing Coaches

Dr. Virginia LeBlanc (DocV)

THE Pivot Maestro

Katie Warner

Soul Fire Coach

Annabel Quintero

Cultural Wellness Coach

What To Expect?

A 5-day journey focused on holistic healing, rebuilding, and transformation guided by DocV’s 3R (Revelation-Reconciliation-Renaissance) philosophy + 5 Be True To You Breakthrough Pillars through holistic programming, natural experiences, spiritual exploration, and meditation. 

Breakthrough Pillars

The 5 Pillars provide Revelation to orchestrate shifts in perspectives that lead retreaters on a personal journey of Reconciliation to freedom in thinking and being for their Renaissance.
  • Pillar 1 – Gloves Off
  • ​Pillar 2 – Rediscover Yourself
  • ​Pillar 3 – Trust the Salt
  • ​Pillar 4 – Love the Skin YOU’RE In
  • ​Pillar 5 – Ignite Your Flame
As women leaders, we are so busy pouring out that we forget to fill up and serve from our overflow. To be the cape-wearing, super-sheroes that we are, we must pulse check and be conscious of our holistic heart health, not simply managing our reality in a “business as usual” mindset. 

We must regularly EXHALE to remember our whys and reasons for doing what we do, so that we may continue to see the unseeable, know the unknowable, and do the impossible as women leaders striving to live an inspired life of abundance.
Retreat Benefits
  • Downshift with like-minded women leaders for a pulse-check and energetic healing 
  • ​Learn how to tap into your inner knowing and conscious intuition
  • Learn how to shift perspective and think without a box to change your reality
  • ​Explore and own your story to live inspired and operate in truth, transparency, and love
  • ​Learn to consistently operate from a heart-center and thrive as grace under pressure
Program Results
  • Healing from the inside out and revitalization for resurgence to define your path
  • Enhanced ability to be your own boss in mind-body-soul and business without the box
  • Foundational cracks revealed and sealed to help you find and maintain sustainable wins 
  • ​New perspectives on what it means and takes for women to lead in the 21st century
  • ​Increased ability to lead with integrity from a place of passion, compassion, and vision